Content literacy skills are essential for school and career success. Students have always needed to read content-rich text with understanding, but the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and other rigorous state standards have made the teaching of informational content literacy strategies essential. Mandated increases in reading of complex, informational text have thrust new demands on readers, and they have also consequently made the teaching of academic and domain-specific vocabulary a necessity. But content literacy is not just ‘words.’ It also encompasses the identification of text structures, development of concepts and background knowledge, and learning how to read and construct the visuals that work synergistically with content-rich text. In this one-hour webinar, Dr. Knoell shares insights for helping students develop content literacy skills, and she also shares motivational aspects of teaching with informational, content-rich text. Participants will learn specific text structures that are used in informational text, key content literacy strategies and skills, the importance of content vocabulary, and the importance and identification of visual literacy skills to reach culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Dr. Donna L. Knoell is an educational consultant, author, and instructional specialist. She is a former classroom teacher and has also taught at the university level. Dr. Knoell has a proven record of working with schools throughout the United States to help improve student academic achievement. She is a recognized expert in content literacy, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and visual literacy. She is also recognized for her expertise in K–8 mathematics, science, and social studies. She has spoken internationally and at numerous national, regional, and state professional conferences. Donna is extremely knowledgeable about educational resources that enhance instruction and the development and use of effective questioning strategies to increase student engagement and deepen understanding. Dr. Knoell’s passion is for helping students achieve success in all aspects of their academic programs while realizing the joys of learning; this passion guides all her work and defines her as an engaging speaker and professional.