Engaging Supplemental Curriculum

Think Through Math is built from a carefully sequenced and paced progression of Utah Core Standards that provide the conceptual underpinnings of grade-level success. The system is designed to build students’ conceptual understanding, flexible strategic thinking, and problem-solving perseverance.

As students advance through adaptive lesson pathways, they interact with highly focused content purposefully chosen to help students make connections while learning to think algebraically.

College and Career Readiness

Algebra is often identified as the gatekeeper to advanced mathematics and is key to college and career readiness. With Think Through Math, students receive a concrete mathematical foundation to build the skills and knowledge necessary for success in algebra and beyond.

Scaffolded Content

Think Through Math focuses on the essential content in mathematics so that students who have had limited success with math are not overwhelmed. Instructional pathways are organized into a manageable sequence of rigorous lessons that help students build a solid foundation.

Explicit Math Instruction

Students benefit from explicit instruction based on teaching for understanding. Lessons guide students to understand and articulate relationships, provide extensive meaningful practice, and help students make connections between their mathematical experiences and the concepts and skills.

A System for Understanding Mathematics

Think Through Math lessons integrate Gradual Release pedagogy to prepare students for academic independence. The system ensures that students have the mathematical understanding before releasing them to complete a task on their own.

Coaching from Certified Math Teachers

Every educator understands the power of meeting individual needs. Teachers also know that it’s not always possible to achieve this goal in a typical classroom of 25 students. At Think Through Math, as students work independently, one-to-one support from a certified math teacher is only a click away. Students have access to just-in-time instruction, in English or Spanish, from expert certified math teachers–precisely when they need it.

1-on-1 Teacher Support

Students access live help in the Guided Learning or Problem Solving sections of the lesson, where they encounter the most rigorous content. Live teachers provide assistance in English or Spanish and are available before, during and after the school day, as well as weekends and most holidays.

A typical student-live teacher encounter in Think Through Math is about 4 or 5 minutes. This is all the time that’s needed to draw out students’ thinking through carefully chosen questions and tasks. Teachable moments identify and implement an instructional response or strategy in response to common patterns of student thinking and misconceptions.


Helping Teachers Engage Students

Everything we do at Think Through Math is designed to engage students and transform the way they feel about math. For many students, that journey starts with productive failure. Our uniquely 21st Century motivation system, based on productive gaming theory, develops resilience, math muscle, and confidence.

Charitable Donations through Earned Points

Thinking and problem solving are essential parts of learning math. We take it a step further with Think Through Math. Students can use points to customize avatars and dashboards or they can also donate their points to charities, including PACER’S National Bullying Prevention Center and the American Red Cross.

Data-Driven Math Instruction

Think Through Math’s intuitive graphical performance reports offer data-driven instruction at your fingertips.

A Think Through Math teacher is a little bit like an air traffic controller. Dashboards give educators all the tools they need to understand the whereabouts of all the “flights” (a.k.a. individual student pathways) in the air and arms them with the data they need to ensure a great landing.

Data-Driven Instruction – Powered by the Quantile® Framework

Every educator knows how critical it is to link assessment and instruction. Use Think Through Math assessments for screening and placement, to measure gains throughout the year, to inform and plan targeted instruction, and to track progress toward mastering algebra.

Using the Quantile® Framework from MetaMetrics®, each student receives an initial Quantile measure upon completion of the placement test, and two additional benchmark tests at intervals throughout the year track progress at the student, class, school, and district levels.

Adaptive Placement

Think Through Math uses the Quantile® Framework from MetaMetrics® as a diagnostic tool to place students in Think Through Math and to monitor their progress toward grade-level success. The online placement is administered at the beginning of Think Through Math. Students take two additional benchmark tests throughout the year to track overall growth in math understanding.

Weekly Progress Reports

Education decision makers need to know that their investment in instructional technology is delivering the expected results. Think Through Math’s Weekly Progress Summary Report provides district leaders and administrators with a snapshot view of their districts’ activity, usage, and performance statistics for Think Through Math.

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