Imagine Learning Acquires Think Through Learning Inc.

Acquisition of innovative digital math company expands Imagine Learning’s product reach and creates a total language, literacy, and numeracy solution; transaction bolsters Weld North Education’s industry leading profile in K–12 digital education category.

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PROVO, UT – October 17, 2016 – Imagine Learning, a leader in elementary language and literacy software solutions, announced today its acquisition of Pittsburgh-based Think Through Learning Inc., provider of the Think Through Math (TTM) supplemental online math program. Through this acquisition, Imagine Learning is poised to fill a critical need for innovative and adaptive language, literacy, and math solutions in the K–12 space. Weld North, an investment company focused on digital and SaaS education solutions led by Jonathan Grayer, acquired Imagine Learning in April 2014.

“At Imagine Learning, we see how many students struggle with both literacy and numeracy,” said Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning. “It only makes sense that we would work to resolve those struggles by joining forces with another innovative curriculum provider that understands how students learn math. We are confident that Imagine Learning and Think Through Math offer the perfect blend of academic instruction, assessment, educator analytics, and student engagement. We know our partner schools will be excited by this news as well.”

As supplemental curricula, Imagine Learning and Think Through Math are data-driven, research-based programs that engage, challenge, and monitor students for lasting academic gains. Both programs also feature standards-based content for students at multiple grade levels. Read more »


Imagine Learning Raises Over 20K for Charity During Flash Fundraiser

Company-wide fundraiser tests employee ingenuity and rewards charities serving children and families


St. Jude logo, Operation Underground Railroad logo, Habitat for Humanity logo, Imagine Kids Foundation logoPROVO, UT – August 16, 2016 – Imagine Learning, Utah developer of language and literacy software for elementary children, recently raised over $20,000 during a flash fundraiser benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Operation Underground Railroad, Habitat for Humanity, and the Imagine Kids Foundation.

During a company-wide fundraising challenge on July 11, 2016, Imagine Learning employees assembled in 20 groups of fifteen. At the onset, each group received twenty dollars of seed money to help fulfill its chosen fundraising activity. Only a few hours later, all groups returned to corporate headquarters with collected funds in hand. Read details

“By teaching language and literacy to the children of the world, we believe we change lives and open doors of opportunity for children,” says Carol Nibley, vice president of human resources at Imagine Learning. “But we also enjoy supporting like-minded organizations that care about kids. Our flash fundraiser was an exciting way to do just that.” Read more »


Imagine Learning Español Adds More Standards-Aligned Content

Students can solidify Spanish reading and language skills through even more standards-aligned activities in Imagine Learning Español




Cheki Morena, Imagine Learning Español, content release, 2016, literacy, languagePROVO, UT – July 12, 2016 – Imagine Learning Español, a program designed especially for young children learning to read in Spanish, now showcases even more standards-aligned content in its latest release.

“When students develop basic Spanish literacy skills, they gain a solid foundation for a lifelong academic growth in the Spanish language,” says Rossana Camacho, Instructional Design Manager at Imagine Learning.

Camacho continues, “And if the goal is future success in English language and literacy, research shows that there is a positive transfer of academic skills from one language to another, which results in a more fluid transition for students.”

Students who use Imagine Learning Español on a regular basis also continually strengthen essential components of literacy development, from phonological awareness to vocabulary development. Read more »


Imagine Learning’s Latest Release Includes Annual Growth Test and Updated Student Experience

For the 2016–2017 school year, Imagine Learning now offers additional growth measures, language support materials, and a more engaging student experience.



Imagine Learning, Fluent Reader, 2016, latest release, Professor HootPROVO, UT – JULY 6, 2016 – Imagine Learning’s latest release features more helps for teachers and students, starting with the new Annual Growth Test, which allows educators to measure and document literacy and language skills later in the year.

Now, educators can see how students are performing at the beginning and end of year and track student development over time.

As Barbara Badgett, Assessment Designer at Imagine Learning, describes it, “The AGT not only will allow educators to get a snapshot or point-in-time estimate of student skill levels, it will also allow them to see changes in those skill levels since the Initial Placement Test or previously administered AGTs.” Read more »


Imagine Learning Now Certified for IMS Global OneRoster™ Standard

Imagine Learning, IMS Global Learning Consortium, OneRoster standard certification, standardized class roster, press release, publishers, schools, technology companiesOneRoster™ standard makes transferring school roster data easy for Imagine Learning customers


PROVO,UT – May 24, 2016 – Imagine Learning, award-winning developer of language and literacy software for elementary students, is a member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium and has now achieved conformance certification for the Imagine Learning Cloud product on the OneRoster™ CSV 1.0 standard for transferring roster data.

Problematic Roster Data Formats

As more classrooms move from print to digital learning resources, educators face the time-consuming task of manually creating and formatting class rosters for import into digital systems.

With multiple software programs in use at many schools, the challenge of working with unique, proprietary data formats for roster data becomes problematic for many districts and schools.

A Standardized Roster for All Systems

To help combat these problems, Imagine Learning has adopted the OneRoster™ CSV 1.0 technical specifications published by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. Read more »


Big Brainz Math Software Program Now Available on Chromebook

Chromebook, Big Brainz, math fact software, Imagine Learning, fluency, math games

Big Brainz on Chromebook

Chromebook compatibility allows students greater access to Big Brainz math-fact fluency software



PROVO, UT – May 17, 2016—In response to current ed tech trends, Imagine Learning announces that its Big Brainz math-fact fluency program is now available on Google Chromebook, in addition to Windows, Mac, and iPad.

“Today, Chromebook makes up over half of all classroom devices,” says Ben Openshaw, Big Brainz National Partnership Manager at Imagine Learning.

“That’s not surprising, given the competitive pricing advantage Chromebook offers school districts,” Openshaw continues. Now that Big Brainz is compatible with Chromebook, we know more students will gain automaticity in math facts and feel successful in math generally. That’s important to us.”

As the newest product in the Imagine Learning lineup, Big Brainz has garnered attention as an instructionally differentiated, game-based learning tool that kids love. As kids play, they gain math-fact fluency and are better prepared for higher-order math tasks. Read more »


Big Brainz Now Positioned for Summer School Use


Imagine Learning touts benefits of math facts fluency software for students in summer school

Timez Attack multiplication facts game, Big Brainz, Imagine Learning, math automaticity, math, math facts fluency

Timez Attack, by Big Brainz

April 25, 2016 – Provo, UT – Imagine Learning, a nationally recognized developer of language and literacy software for elementary students, announces that its newest math-facts product, Big Brainz, will factor strongly into summer school programs throughout the country.

To this end, Imagine Learning will offer a free trial of Big Brainz to qualifying educators who use the software during summer school 2016.

A Math Literacy Solution

Big Brainz is a math-fact fluency software solution geared toward elementary students who struggle with basic math literacy.

Following a pre-assessment, students move quickly through a game-based learning activity that monitors skill mastery and repeats facts until students recall them automatically. Read more »


Imagine Learning Program Positively Impacts Utah’s K–3 Students


Imagine Learning at North Star Elementary School Salt Lake City UT learning lab

Using Imagine Learning at North Star Elementary (SLC)

Recent Utah efficacy study reports high number of positive treatment effects for Imagine Learning

Provo, UT – April 5, 2016 – Imagine Learning, developer of award-winning language and literacy software for elementary students, recently reported positive data gleaned from a 2014–15 USOE/ETI efficacy study of educational software programs in Utah.

Study data revealed that Imagine Learning showed positive treatment effects in 9 of 13 areas tested—more areas than any other program evaluated.

In fact, Imagine Learning was one of only two programs to report positive effects in second grade.

The American Educational Research Association emphasizes the importance of students who can read at grade level by third grade.

By contrast, a lack of reading proficiency can cause devastating effects on students and eventually on Utah’s economy. To counteract future problems, the Utah legislature has proposed budget amendments to its current K–3 Early Intervention Reading Program. Read more »


Imagine Learning Surpasses One Million App Downloads


Over one million Imagine Learning app downloads indicate widespread national usage

Imagine Learning, child looks at iPad, 1 million downloads press releaseProvo, UT – March 2, 2016 – Imagine Learning recently surpassed one million downloads of Imagine Learning and Imagine Learning Español apps on iTunes, indicating widespread usage by elementary students and teachers throughout the country.

Imagine Learning develops research-based language and literacy software that targets the needs of young K–6 readers. Imagine Learning’s flagship product was developed for children learning to read in English, while Imagine Learning Español specifically focuses on students who are learning to read in Spanish.

Imagine Learning apps were downloaded 1.05 million times since they were first introduced to the iTunes App Store in 2013, according to a February 2016 report from the iTunes Connect Sales and Trends analytics page. 1.05 million represents sales/downloads for both products onto Mac and iOS devices.

These numbers offer just a peek at Imagine Learning’s total downloads. When including direct downloads from Imagine Learning’s website or through other platforms such as Windows, Android, and Chromebook, adjusted totals reach well beyond one million downloads.

“Our mission is to teach language and literacy to the children of the world, changing lives and opening doors of opportunity,” says Sean Moe, Imagine Learning’s Director of Privacy and Data Protection. “Although app downloads are only one of many ways to quantify our success, milestones like this are still validating and rewarding.”

About Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning delivers award-winning language and literacy solutions to elementary students throughout the U.S. and around the world. Imagine Learning creates educational software that uses engaging, one-on-one instruction to meet students’ individual learning needs. The software is research-based, instructionally differentiated, and incredibly fun to use. Also available on iPad and Chromebook, Imagine Learning supports a dynamic blended-learning experience. For more information, please visit

Imagine Learning Media Contact:

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Imagine Learning Announces Español Software Update

Imagine Learning Español student photoFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Imagine Learning Español’s v2.2 update showcases new content for pre-K through first grade

Provo, UT – January 19, 2016 – Imagine Learning announces its latest product update for Imagine Learning Español, a language and literacy software product for children learning to read in Spanish.

Unlike many Spanish-language software products, Imagine Learning Español v2.2 offers authentic, original content that’s not translated from English. Young students learn letters and sounds strategically, and also listen to multiple Spanish accents for a more nuanced, meaningful experience.

“At Imagine Learning, we recognize that lower reading scores may reflect larger demographic changes across the country,” says Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning. “Virtually every state is seeing an influx of students who don’t speak English as their primary language.

Swenson adds, “The data also show that the Latino population is the fastest growing demographic in our schools, totaling more than a quarter of the population in public schools alone. Many—if not most—of these kids are enrolled in bilingual and dual-language programs. Unfortunately, a high number of these children don’t have the academic skills they need to succeed in Spanish or English.

“It’s important that we provide tools to help these students succeed. With that goal in mind, our Imagine Learning Español update includes even more strategies to help these students build their confidence along with their literacy and language skills.” Read more »