Imagine Learning Celebrates 13 Years of Helping K–12 Students Succeed

From humble beginnings, Utah-based edtech company now helps millions of students gain critical math, language, and literacy skills


Imagine Learning turns 13, K12 educational software

Imagine Learning's best days are still ahead!

PROVO, UT – June 27, 2017 – Imagine Learning, a nationally respected developer of digital instruction in math, language, and literacy, celebrates its thirteenth birthday this month by reflecting on past milestones and anticipating unprecedented growth ahead.

In 2004, a group of six employees began with a bold mandate: to teach English to the children of the world. Since those humble beginnings, Imagine Learning has expanded its mission to teach language, literacy, and mathematics to the children of the world, changing lives and opening doors of opportunity.

Today, over three million students use Imagine Learning programs in more than 30,000 schools, including the 20 largest school districts in the United States.

Significant Gains for Students

As the company expands to serve more students, the edtech community has taken note. In its thirteen-year history, Imagine Learning has received multiple awards for excellence, including the CODiE Award for Best Reading/Instructional Solution and Best Mathematics Instructional Solution, the ComputED Gazette EDDIE Award for the Early Elementary ESL category, and Tech and Learning’s Award for Excellence in the Best Upgraded Product category.

But Imagine Learning has no plans to rest on its laurels. Read more »


Utah Innovator in Education Award Presented at Imagine Learning Open House Ceremony

Imagine Learning opens new building, celebrates thirteenth anniversary in educational technology, and presents the Innovator in Education award to Salt Lake area principal




Imagine Learning open house, 2017, Utah Innovator in Education, Ernie Broderick

Ernie Broderick, 2017 UT Innovator in Education

PROVO, UT – May 16, 2017 – Imagine Learning, a nationally recognized developer of language, literacy, and mathematics instructional software, has announced the winner of its 2017 Imagine Learning Utah Innovator in Education award.

Principal Ernie Broderick, who leads Stansbury Elementary School in Salt Lake City, received the award last Thursday during a special open house ceremony held at Imagine Learning’s new corporate headquarters in Provo, Utah.

“Principal Broderick is a champion of both education and helping kids in Utah,” said Jeremy Cowdrey, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for Imagine Learning. “He exemplifies the kind of leader who really looks out for the general welfare of his students as well as their educational needs. The Utah Innovator in Education Award highlights his great achievements over the past two decades—especially as an advocate of technology in the classroom.” Read more »


Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn Wins Imagine Math Contest

Students from New York City’s Renewal high schools solve 318,000 math problems during a four-week battle for the Imagine Math NYC Renewal High School Math Cup.



Boys and Girls High School, Brooklyn, Math Cup winners, Imagine Math, 2017PROVO, UT – April 25, 2017 – Imagine Learning, nationally recognized for its language, literacy, and mathematics instructional software, announced today the winner in its New York City Renewal HS Math Cup. This year, the coveted award goes to Boys and Girls High School of the New York City Renewal Schools District. Read more »


Imagine Math Students Solve 1 Billion Math Problems During 2016-2017 School Year

Epic milestone represents a billion mind shifts in mathematical thinking for U.S. students



Imagine Math, Think Through Math, one billion solved in 2016-2017 school yearPROVO, UT – April 5, 2017 – Imagine Learning, award-winning developer of language, literacy, and mathematics instructional software, today announced that Imagine Math students recently crossed the threshold to solving one billion math problems in classrooms across the country.

To make that happen, Imagine Math students collectively needed to complete millions of math problems every day. Read more »


Imagine Math Students Donate Thousands to Victims of California Floods

By completing Imagine Math lessons, students convert earned points into thousands of dollars for the California Flood Relief Fund.


Imagine Math students donate to California flood relief in March 2017PROVO, UT – March 14, 2017 – Imagine Learning, award-winning developer of language, literacy, and mathematics instructional software, announced today that students across the U.S. recently raised $2,500 for the American Red Cross California Flood Relief fund.

In just four days, students using Imagine Math (formerly Think Through Math) completed over 75,000 math problems, which translated into $2,500 for the California Flood Relief Fund. This fund was established on February 27, 2017, to support the communities crippled by devastating floods in the region.

Simply by learning more math, students across the country provided critical relief to those in need.

“Today’s students want to know that they make a difference in the world around them,” said Devon Child, San Francisco Bay Area Partnership Manager at Imagine Learning. “It’s inspiring to see students want to do more math so they can impact not only their own academic success but the wellbeing of people they probably don’t even know. What a fantastic example these students are setting for the rest of us!”

Embraced by schools across the country—many of which contend daily with their own socioeconomic challenges—Imagine Math’s charity-points program offers students the chance to convert points they earn from completing math lessons into real dollars they can donate to featured charities. Read more »


Renewal HS Students Use Think Through Math Program to Donate to NYC Food Bank

During online lessons, students raise thousands of dollars for charity by completing complex math problems.


Imagine Learning, Think Through Math, Renewal High SchoolsPROVO, UT – February 8, 2017 – Imagine Learning, developer of Think Through Math (TTM), the award-winning web-based instruction system for grades 3 and above, announced today that New York City’s Renewal High School students using Think Through Math donated $3,430 to the Food Bank for New York City during the NYC Gives contest.

During each Think Through Math lesson, students gain motivational rewards in the form of points. Students from multiple NYC Renewal schools chose to convert those reward points into charitable dollars on behalf of NYC Gives and their local food bank community.

Over the past few months, students’ efforts were impressive. Since mid-November, over 4,000 NYC Renewal High School students completed 27,800 math lessons, solved over 972,000 math problems, and spent more than 13,000 hours working on Think Through Math.

“We are excited to integrate Think Through Math into mathematics instruction in our high schools,” commented Aimee Horowitz, Executive Superintendent of the New York City Department of Education. “Think Through Math enables our teachers to target the needs of their students and helps students make their mathematical thinking visible. We are already seeing the impact of TTM through improved student achievement, while simultaneously helping our students realize the importance of becoming productive citizens who give to others.” Read more »


Students Using Think Through Math Outpace Their Peers on Utah’s SAGE Assessments

Utah STEM Action Center study shows students using Think Through Math are three times more likely to be proficient on SAGE assessments than non-TTM students.


Think Through Math, Utah, STEM Action Center, SAGE assessments, Imagine Learning PROVO, UT – December 13, 2016 – A cross-sectional study by Utah State University has revealed that students who use Think Through Math (TTM), the award-winning web-based instruction system from Imagine Learning, are over three times more likely to achieve proficiency on Utah’s SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence) exam than non-TTM students.

Conducted by the USU Department of Psychology, the study evaluated nine computerized, interactive instructional programs within the state’s STEM Action Center Grant Program. Specifically, the study used a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods and included these key findings:

  • Students who used Think Through Math with high fidelity (e.g., at the recommended usage level of five or more lessons per month) were 3.1 times more likely to achieve SAGE proficiency versus students who did not use TTM.
  • Students participating at the recommended usage level also were 2.4 times more likely to achieve SAGE proficiency versus low-fidelity students who used the program less than the recommended level.

“We are delighted by the positive findings of Utah’s STEM Action Center,” said Louis Piconi, founder of Think Through Math. “Findings like these also reinforce our commitment to continually improving the program in ways that benefit both teachers and students. Just knowing that Think Through Math is having a significant impact on SAGE scores is a testament to our program’s efficacy.” Read more »


Imagine Learning Shows Highest Number of Positive DIBELS Effects in Utah K–3 Study

A newly released report by the Utah State Board of Education reveals multiple positive language and literacy effects for K–3 students using Imagine Learning.


Imagine Learning, DIBELS, Utah, efficacy, literacy PROVO, UT – December 12, 2016 – Imagine Learning, an award-winning provider of language, literacy, and mathematics solutions for K–12 students, has received positive data for the second year in a row following a statewide study of literacy software programs.

In an official report recently released by the Utah State Board of Education, the Imagine Learning program showed positive treatment effects in 10 of 15 areas tested within the DIBELS assessment (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)—representing more areas than any other program evaluated in the study.

While other programs showed positive effects in either first or second grade, Imagine Learning was the only program showing positive effects in both grades. Likewise, Imagine Learning produced positive effects in all five Kindergarten DIBELS subscales, including phonemic awareness.

“Early reading proficiency gives students a critical advantage in school,” said Dr. Nari Carter, Director of Research at Imagine Learning. “Extensive research underscores the importance of literacy as a predictor of academic success, graduation from high school, and college readiness. Luckily, statewide initiatives are supporting the use of supplemental curricula that help teachers close the literacy gap, particularly for at-risk students.” Read more »


Imagine Learning Completes Review for WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation

Imagine Learning program meets all 44 criteria for WIDA’s English Language Development Standards Framework in the ELL classroom.


PROVO, UT – December 6, 2016 – Imagine Learning, a recognized leader in language and literacy instruction, today announced that WIDA has released an official PRIME V2 correlation for the Imagine Learning product. This correlation, which was completed by a certified WIDA-trained correlator, is now available on the WIDA PRIME V2 website. Read more »


Imagine Learning Announces 2015–2016 Imagine Nation Winners

Imagine Nation rewards partner schools for outstanding dedication to Imagine Learning.

2015-2016 Imagine Nation award winnersFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Provo, UT – November 7, 2016 – Imagine Learning, developer of children’s language and literacy software, has chosen its Imagine Nation award winners for the 2015–2016 school year. Each year, Imagine Nation honors top schools nationwide for their dedication to the Imagine Learning program.

“It’s great to see schools implement Imagine Learning in ways that help kids progress,” says Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning. “The fact is, students who use the program every day as recommended make important gains in their language and literacy skills. Imagine Nation is a great way to celebrate and encourage that success.”

Imagine Nation Award Eligibility

To be eligible for an Imagine Nation nomination, partner schools: Read more »