Taking Flight: An Educator’s Holiday Wish

The holiday season is a busy time for educators. One day it could be an intense new project for the first-graders; the next day it might be a food drive that involves the entire school.

During times like these, exhaustion hits hard–and the holiday break can’t come soon enough.

But every now and then, a word of encouragement to a struggling student can make all the difference. Who knows–that extra boost might just help a struggling student triumph over a hard math problem. Or help a shy student speak up in class. Or help an English language learner read at grade level for the first time.

To all who work so hard to nurture the minds and hearts of kids, please enjoy the video below–and happy holidays!


Skip the Apples–Here’s What Teachers Really Want

Teacher appreciation, Imagine This, Imagine Learning blog, plastic letters, thank you giftsIt’s that time of year when eager young students come to class with teacher gifts in hand. Those gifts might be anything from a fruit basket to a plate of brownies to a homemade card.

Do teachers appreciate these gifts? Of course. But do they use them? Not always.

The truth is, most teachers are just happy to be recognized for what they do. Still, it’s hard to be completely thrilled by another “World’s Greatest Teacher” mug. Or by anything that remotely resembles an apple.

Top-rated teacher gifts can be simple

Parents should be credited for wanting to show appreciation to their child’s teacher. But instead of another scented candle, bottle of lotion, or expensive art piece, why not choose: Read more »


5 simple teacher appreciation ideas for kids

My mom is one of those amazing people who have chosen to be a middle school math and science teacher. After teaching for the last 22 years, she is retiring at the end of May. I may be biased, but she is truly a remarkable teacher. She works long hours, voluntarily tutors students before and after school, and insists on testing with explanation-type questions as opposed to multiple choice questions because she feels it is a better way to assess student understanding. This means she frequently brings home large stacks of papers to correct.

I have seen how she worries about certain students and continually seeks to find new and better teaching methods. She tirelessly reaches out to parents and does an excellent job at communicating with them. And she even remains calm when working with the frazzled and sometimes mean you-must-be-doing-something-wrong-because-my-child-is-failing-math parents. She amazes me! Perhaps because I grew up observing what it takes to be a fantastic teacher, I have made a consistent effort to show gratitude and appreciation to the teachers of my own children throughout each school year. Read more »


This month, we’re thankful for you!

At Imagine Learning, we like to celebrate the month of Thanksgiving by giving thanks to some of the most important people in our lives–the administrators, teachers, and students who use Imagine Learning English. And this year for Customer Appreciation Month, we’re pulling out all the stops.

We’ll be giving back to our customers by hosting giveaways and contests here on the blog and sharing some of our favorite resources for teachers, students, and parents. So stay tuned for an awesome month of appreciation, thanksgiving, and more.

To kick things off, here’s one of our favorite videos about the teachers who made a difference in our lives. Take a minute to watch the video, and then help us start out our month of appreciation and thanksgiving by leaving a comment thanking the teacher who made the greatest impact on your life.

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