Hang Tight, Teachers–Summer’s Almost Here

Empty classroom, Imagine This blog, summer reading, celebrate end of school, accomplishments, personalized videoIt’s almost time for school to end for the year. And–if you’re like most educators–you’re counting the days until summer vacation.

But before you get there, why not take a little time to celebrate the great accomplishments of your class?

Imagine Learning can help make the end-of-year transition less hectic and a lot more fun.

Video fun

Your students have done a lot of learning this year, thanks to you. Sounds like a great excuse to make a personalized video! Read more »


Jump into summer reading

One afternoon in June, I found my girls just like this. They had abandoned their water party for front porch reading.

While summer is a perfect time for children to relax and enjoy travel and other activities, it can also be a time for young minds to become idle. This period of learning loss has been referred to as the “summer slide.” But the only summer slide we want Imagine Learning students to experience is having fun on a slip-n-slide. So let’s talk about summer reading!

I have fond memories of childhood summertime reading. My sisters and I would read on a blanket under our large backyard tree, sprawled out on wet towels poolside, or in our gently swinging hammock. Since I recently inherited most of my mom’s large children’s book collection, my children are now reading the same books as I did. And many of the pages are spotted with evidence of summers past—greasy sunscreen fingerprints, dog-eared pages, and the occasional water spot.

So how do you create a summer of reading? The first step to encouraging a summer full of reading is to get kids to make a summer reading goal. Children can decide how many books, pages, or minutes they want to read. Involve children in this process so they begin with excitement. Most libraries offer a summer reading challenge and often include an incentive for completing the challenge. But if your local library doesn’t offer a summer reading program, you can always create your own. Read more »


Summer reading for teachers: 25 books for your reading list

There’s no doubt that summer reading is good for students—there’s evidence of the importance of summer reading everywhere, including some recent findings from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. But picking up a good book isn’t only for kids. Stop your own summer slide by checking out this summer reading list made especially for teachers (and other grown-ups too).

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Your no-stress guide to beating summer learning loss

A growing body of research confirms that even small summer setbacks can result in big learning losses for many students—especially struggling readers. So what can you do to ensure that your students retain all the skills you’ve worked so hard to teach over the last year?

Here are a few simple tricks to help you beat summer learning loss: Read more »