The Truth About Game-Based Educational Software

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Math-fact gamification

Ask a typical educator about game-based learning and video games in school, and expect at least some skeptical responses.

Many educators and parents worry about gaming as an educational tool.

Research on the educational worth of video games has been mixed, and some educators point out the fact that most data come from short-term studies.

While research on educational software is still young, increasing evidence points to positive outcomes for today’s students—despite the prevalence of headlines linking video games to bad behavior or lukewarm learning outcomes.

According to James Gee, an education professor at Arizona State University, blaming all video games for poor results is like blaming all food for the existence of obese people.1 Read more »


When I grow up

Christian is a student at Noralto elementary school in northern California. He dreams of becoming a scientist. He also has autism. And with that, he has to navigate through a few obstacles that can disrupt his learning technique. But with Imagine Learning, he’s learning how to learn, and in the process—raising the bar and scoring better on tests.  Read more »


Watch RTI webinar & download free infographic

RTI InfographicLast week Imagine Learning sponsored a free webinar on implementing effective Response to Intervention frameworks. The webinar shared tips for using all three tiers of intervention to boost student progress. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the archived version to find out how three principals are making RTI work for their schools.

In conjunction with the webinar, Imagine Learning created an infographic—a visual guide to RTI success at each tier of intervention. We’re excited to share this infographic with you. To embed it on your own website, blog, or newsletter, simply copy and paste the code below. There are two versions of the graphic—one larger, one smaller. The smaller version functions best as a widget.

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The difference a year makes: Alexis’s story

As part of our One Year Later series, we’re sharing the stories of four students who have made remarkable progress with Imagine Learning English in just one year. This is the first of four posts in the series.

If you’re like me, you’re wondering where 2010 has gone. The new year always seems to sneak up on me, and I’ll probably be dating my checks wrong well into February.

At the same time that I wonder where the year has gone, I also like to take a moment to reflect on what a difference one year makes. One year ago no one knew what Wikileaks was. One year ago LeBron James was beloved in Cleveland. And one year ago no one knew that something called an iPad would become the best-selling electronic device in history.

One year later
One year can also make a big difference in the life of a student. Recently, Imagine Learning had the chance to catch up with four students we had first visited in November 2009, when the students were just beginning to use Imagine Learning English. In November of 2010, the video team returned to see the progress these students had made in just one year with Imagine Learning English.

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