Big Brainz Math Games: The Easy Way to Automaticity


writing out multiplication tables


If you’re a teacher, you may notice that some students who struggle with reading also struggle with math automaticity.

Can such students recall math facts when they move on to more challenging math tasks? And how do you know that your students are completely fluent?

In January 2016, Imagine Learning acquired Big Brainz, a Utah-based company known for its effective math-fact fluency software. If you’ve never heard of Big Brainz before, this blog post will describe what the software is and how it helps students become fluent in math facts. Read more »


Somali first-language support added

Imagine Learning recently introduced Somali first-language support. The new addition makes it easier for even more students to gain language and literacy fluency.

As students use Imagine Learning and become more proficient in English, the language support gradually fades, preparing students for English-only environments.

Imagine Learning now offers first-language support in 15 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Marshallese, Tagalog, Cantonese, Hmong, and Somali.

Somali language support is just one of the many features included in the latest update, Imagine Learning version 13. Packed with new curriculum, iPad delivery, and the new Action Areas tool, version 13 provides language and literacy instruction better than ever.

Watch the v13 video.