When I grow up

Christian is a student at Noralto elementary school in northern California. He dreams of becoming a scientist. He also has autism. And with that, he has to navigate through a few obstacles that can disrupt his learning technique. But with Imagine Learning, he’s learning how to learn, and in the process—raising the bar and scoring better on tests.  Read more »


There’s a reason life is elevated in Utah

With Imagine Learning in classrooms all across the state of Utah, the standard of learning is a lot higher. And as an educational partner with districts all over, we’ve successfully helped ELL students achieve a higher level of literacy. In fact, these same districts are now experiencing incredible results with their K–1 students. Read more »


Progress report: Students with autism

Christian is just like many other boys his age. He has friends, he likes to play video games, and he wants to become a scientist. But he’s also different: Christian has autism. He has unique needs and challenges when it comes to learning.

In this short video, Christian and his teacher Heather Gold, talk about how Imagine Learning is helping students with special needs at Johnson Elementary School in Sacramento, California. Through tutorials, explicit instruction, continual assessment, and lots of repetition, Imagine Learning helps students like Christian maximize their potential, stay on track, and keep up with their peers.

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