How to Reduce Math Anxiety

chewed pencil, math anxiety

The alarm sounds, telling you it’s time to get up and greet the day, but as you slowly wake from your slumber and wipe the sleep from your eyes, a familiar feeling of dread rushes through you in an overwhelming wave.

It’s test day–and even though you’ve studied for hours and scored fairly well on practice exams and homework assignments, doubts assail you and make you question whether or not you’re really ready for algebra.

Math Anxiety is defined as “the panic, helplessness, paralysis, and mental disorganization that arises among some people when they are required to solve a mathematical problem.”

A common phenomenon that affects many, math anxiety is related to performance anxiety and is likely to extend far outside of the classroom if not recognized and proactively managed. Read more »


Let’s Play Vocabulary Bingo!

Imagine Learning Vocabulary Bingo free printable blog post (bingo image from Wiki)Looking for a supplemental vocabulary activity for young learners? We’ve got just the thing: vocabulary bingo.

At Imagine Learning, we incorporate fun into every part of our language and literacy program. The reason is simple: we know that fun and learning go together.

To help educators, we also offer multiple offline teacher resources within Imagine Language & Literacy.

Each time teachers enter the Imagine Learning portal (Imagine Manager in older versions), they can choose offline activities like worksheets, coloring pages, and other printables.

Vocabulary bingo is just one example of a fun, engaging activity that teachers can print for their class. Read more »


3 ways to motivate students

Do your students suffer from a lack of motivation? In the midst of spring break and standardized testing, students may find it difficult to focus on their schoolwork.

One of the best ways to motivate students is to get them invested in their own learning. Because once students can see their progress, they are more likely to want to progress. Take a look at these tried-and-true ideas teachers across the country are using to motivate their students.

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