#Where’s Booster? In the Winners’ Circle, of Course

Our first-ever #WheresBooster contest was a success, thanks to all our Instagram friends. What an amazing array of #WheresBooster photos you sent us!

Every single ‘Flat Booster’ made us smile, from Booster playing basketball to visiting the library to eating Oreos. It turns out that Booster does a lot of things and goes a lot of places beyond our Imagine Learning program. Who knew? Thank you for being so creative. Read more »


Ice Cream in Winter? There’s Snow Time Like the Present

Imagine Learning mug filled with snowDid you ever make snow ice cream as a kid?


Well, there’s no time like the present—at least here in the Rockies, where it’s slated to snow all Christmas week.

Those dealing with more moderate weather can stop reading now and grab a bowl of ‘ordinary’ vanilla ice cream.

But if you want an extraordinary frozen treat, grab a bowl and get your coat. One serving of magical vanilla snow ice cream is coming right up! Read more »


Booster’s Costume Creator is Back!

As Halloween approaches, you probably ask a familiar question: What should my costume be this year?

Booster's Costume CreatorFor inspiration, try Booster’s Costume Creator, back by popular demand for Halloween 2015. Go back in time as William Shakespeare, Amelia Earhart, or Albert Einstein. While you’re at it, why not teach a quick history lesson in a memorable way?

It’s easy–just click the creator to view all your options, and then have fun learning about an important historical figure as you dress your avatar.

When you settle on a combination that looks just right, pick a message and send your bewitching or dashing e-card to all your friends.


Get Started Here:

  1. Choose an avatar. Will it be Lily or Mel? You decide. Your chosen avatar will appear on the right side.
  2. Pick a background. Our background gallery lets you set the scene in a ghostly castle’s hall, in an Egyptian tomb, or even in outer space. Scroll  through your options to pick a perfect background.
  3. Craft your costume. Whether you dress your character as a sinister vampire or as Cleopatra, you’ll find costume pieces to match. If you like, mix things up and pair Booster’s head with Count Dracula’s cape or a pirate’s legs. You can make your costume as tame or as wild as you like!
  4. Send to friends. Make someone’s day with a little spooky fun. Print and deliver your Halloween greeting in person, or simply send an e-card version to anyone you choose.


Wrapping up the school year

Summer is almost here, and we hope you have had a happy and successful school year. As a token of our appreciation for a great partnership this year, please use this fun, customizable video to celebrate all you have accomplished this year.

Fill out your class name below to create a custom video featuring the Imagine Learning characters singing just for you. Then, share your video with your friends. You can even print out a summer souvenir for the whole class as the perfect year-end gift.

Have a great summer!
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Limericks for the lads and lasses

It’s the wonderful time of year again

To get some paper and pull out a pen,

Draft up a ditty,

If you think you’re witty,

Then share it with a special friend.

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and we want to include you in our celebration with another limerick contest!  If you participated last year then you will recall special consideration was given to limericks with an educational flavor. If you think you can handle the challenge, show us your seriously superb stuff! We look forward to a litany of lighthearted limericks.

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