Refactoring the world in 2012 and beyond

Today’s post comes from guest contributor Nathan Preator, our marketing intern. Nathan recently experienced firsthand the exciting debut of Imagine Learning’s first recruiting billboard.

At the heart of Imagine Learning is the core belief that a solid foundation in language and literacy will provide every child with a platform for success. To make success a reality for kids around the world, Imagine Learning is constantly searching for the best and brightest employees to build and sustain the company. So in 2012, we’re taking a new approach to finding the right people to help us achieve our mission: we’re recruiting talented programmers who can help us build better, smarter products even faster. Check out this short video to see what we’re doing:

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It’s time for another caption contest

UPDATE: Today is the last day to submit entries! Get them in and our panel will pick the top three. Come back to the blog on Monday to see the winners.

Every so often we hold a caption contest featuring artwork from Imagine Learning’s amazing illustrators. And since November is Customer Appreciation Month here at Imagine Learning, we thought we’d hold another contest and give away some prizes!

Here’s how it works: leave your cleverest caption for the picture below in a comment at the end of this post. At the end of the week, our bloggers panel will vote for their favorites, and the top three winners will each win a free Booster bobble head toy—the latest and greatest item here at Imagine Learning.

So write your captivating caption now!


How to help a struggling reader

By eighth grade, only one in four students is reading at grade level. This video shows how we can improve those odds:

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Journey through data

Educators are surrounded by data. What they do with the data is crucial. How do they make sense of it? What can they learn from it? How can it inform instruction and accelerate learning?

In this short video, Superintendent Francisco Escobedo shows how he uses data and Imagine Learning English to achieve phenomenal results in Chula Vista, the largest elementary school district in California. Dr. Escobedo knows data is critical, and he has discovered that by making Imagine Learning English a priority, the schools in his district are achieving amazing gains and preparing their students for bright futures.

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Tips to help your students get the most from Imagine Learning English

I recently asked Imagine Learning‘s director of training to share some of the challenges educators encounter that prevent their students from getting as much from Imagine Learning English as they could. I thought it would be instructive to share some of her observations and offer some tips that can help you overcome these roadblocks if you’re experiencing them too.

The most common issue she hears is that scheduling frequently makes it difficult to give students enough time in the lab. Often it’s a tough decision of limiting the student’s exposure to another subject in favor of increasing their literacy or second language acquisition time. While it may be obvious to a student’s classroom teacher that more time spent using the program would be beneficial, if your school has specials teachers, more coordination between instructors may be needed to determine what will best serve the child.

So how have other teachers addressed this challenge? Let me share two suggestions that have worked for many schools using Imagine Learning English. Read more »