Our Summer Math Splash Winners!

math splash

When school begins each Fall, it’s anyone’s guess as to how well students will remember what they learned the previous year.

Research shows that students can lose an average of 2.6 months of math skills during the summer. What’s more, the average teacher can spend four to six weeks just re-teaching material that students learned previously.

Fortunately, those skills don’t have to slide. By dedicating just a little time and mental muscle each day, students can strengthen key skills–including those critical math skills–for greater success once school begins again.

Enter the Summer Math Splash Challenge

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2014 Limerick contest winners

This year, we were lucky to receive more limerick entries than ever before! Our judges were amazed at how many creative limericks were submitted. We would like to thank everyone who participated, and announce this year’s winners.

First place: Lorena Sanchez
Prize: $25 Amazon gift card

There once was a bilingual teacher
Who had a unique and rare feature
When homework was missing
Her hair would start hissing
A gorgon she was- what a creature!

Second place: Emma, 5th Grade
Prize: Booster bobblehead figurine

In orchestra we all strum,
and in choir we all hum,
music at school,
is totally cool
just wait ’till the marching bands come!

Third place: Stephanie, 2nd Grade
Prize: Mike the Microphone talking plush toy

There was a girl from the west
she found a pretty bird in his nest
with beautiful colored eyes
it picks up food when he flies
and she took it home like a guest.

Honorable Mention: Geniene Delahunty
Prize: Imagine Learning stickers and pencils

There once was a school named Yealey
Where learning was a priority– daily!
Imagine Learning’s a hit
Our kids don’t mind to sit
As their English is growing greatly!

Please join us next March for another rousing round of limerick writing!