#WheresBooster Now? On Instagram, Of Course

It’s easy to recognize Imagine Learning’s most famous robot, Booster. He smiles and waves each time an Imagine Learning user logs on. And of course, he loves to give out lots of Booster Bits to his friends!

Booster robot, Imagine Learning

Although Booster is usually content to spend time in Imagine Learning activities, for Valentine’s Day he wants to travel to as many places as he can. And you can help him by following the instructions on this page.


Enter Imagine Learning’s #WheresBooster Contest

In past blog posts, we taught you how to draw Booster and use Booster’s Valentine Creator to send a fun greeting to friends and family.

But this Valentine’s Day, we’re trying something a little bit different with our first #WheresBooster contest on Instagram, open to both students and teachers. Read more »


Win a tablet in the northeast region back-to-school contest

We have a great contest for our partners in the northeast!

It’s time for school again, and we want to help you gear up for a great school year! As you organize professional development days, schedule computer time, and create plans for great classroom teaching models, we want to make integrating your Imagine Learning licenses into these plans as easy as possible.Win a tablet!

Easy is great, right? While you are making your school year easier, you will also be entering your school for a chance to win more technology! Every school that submits a completed integration plan  on or before October 16, 2015 will be entered to win an iPad or Android tablet up to a $499 value. Please note that each school can only submit one integration plan. Please work with your colleagues to make a plan that works for everyone.

Read more »


Limericks for the lads and lasses

It’s the wonderful time of year again

To get some paper and pull out a pen,

Draft up a ditty,

If you think you’re witty,

Then share it with a special friend.

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and we want to include you in our celebration with another limerick contest!  If you participated last year then you will recall special consideration was given to limericks with an educational flavor. If you think you can handle the challenge, show us your seriously superb stuff! We look forward to a litany of lighthearted limericks.

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Spring into Action contest winners

Over the past month, we have been running a Spring into Action contest for Imagine Learning teachers and school site experts. Teachers were asked to try our new Action Areas™ tool, and then tell us how it worked to enter a contest for an iPad mini. We are happy to see that thousands of teachers are now using the Action Areas tool! Drum roll, please . . . .

The new owners of an iPad mini are:

  • Kasi Davis, a site expert from Asbell Elementary
  • Raquel Jaeger, a teacher from Whittier Elementary


Congratulations to our winners! Winning an iPad is awesome, but knowing how to use the Action Areas tool is pretty great too. Teachers love the Action Areas tool because it pinpoints which skills students are struggling with and provides resources (printouts and activities) for immediate intervention. By grouping students together who are having trouble in the same area, the tool also forms instant intervention groups. So the Action Areas tool simplifies intervention. And simplified intervention means more happy teachers and more kids on track. Happy day.


Write a lucky limerick

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up quick.
Grab a pen and write a limerick.
Be a rhyming rockstar,
you’re sure to go far,
and a lucky winner we’ll pick.

Want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
You have something clever to say?
Join in the fun,
add in a pun,
And encourage your friends to play.

Try writing your own limerick.
Write it down with a leaded stick.
Make it divine,
and submit it online.
Your limerick we’re sure to pick.

Join in the St. Patrick’s Day fun by entering our annual limerick writing contest. To help you along the way, we’ve created a fun little video about writing limericks, hosted by Nick from the Imagine Learning software. Nick teaches students how to write limericks step-by-step, and explains the process by sharing his own limericks. Teachers, get your students involved! This video is the perfect way to begin an engaging lesson plan on limerick writing.

You can also watch the video on Vimeo.

We hope you have fun trying your hand at poetry writing! Submit entries in the comments section below. We will award prizes to the top three limericks.

Prize Pot-o-gold:

1st prize: a $25 Amazon gift card
2nd prize: a Booster bobblehead
3rd prize: a talking Mike the Microphone plush toy

We’ll accept submissions through end-of-day Monday, March 17th. Special consideration will be given to limericks with an educational flavor, and also to student submissions. Check back often to see the entries—and the lucky winners. You’ll be green with envy.

Good luck (o’ the Irish) to everyone!

Nick’s Limerick Video Lyrics:

Hello! How are you? I’m Nick.
Here to teach you a fun little trick.
To have a good time
when writing a rhyme
try writing your own limerick!

There are limericks of all different kinds.
So how do you write one that shines?
You’ll see that it’s cool
if you follow the rule:
a limerick is made of five lines.

So listen close to this song.
Lines one, two and five are all long.
And in poems of this sort
make lines three and four short
and I promise you’ll never go wrong.

You need to be sure and contrive
to rhyme lines one, two, and five
Then do it once more
with lines three and four
and your limerick surely will thrive!

So let these pointers take hold
And if you’ll write as you were told
at the rainbow’s end
you’ll find there my friend
your own limerick pot o’ gold!