#WheresBooster Now? On Instagram, Of Course

It’s easy to recognize Imagine Learning’s most famous robot, Booster. He smiles and waves each time an Imagine Learning user logs on. And of course, he loves to give out lots of Booster Bits to his friends!

Booster robot, Imagine Learning

Although Booster is usually content to spend time in Imagine Learning activities, for Valentine’s Day he wants to travel to as many places as he can. And you can help him by following the instructions on this page.


Enter Imagine Learning’s #WheresBooster Contest

In past blog posts, we taught you how to draw Booster and use Booster’s Valentine Creator to send a fun greeting to friends and family.

But this Valentine’s Day, we’re trying something a little bit different with our first #WheresBooster contest on Instagram, open to both students and teachers. Read more »


Booster’s Costume Creator is Back!

As Halloween approaches, you probably ask a familiar question: What should my costume be this year?

Booster's Costume CreatorFor inspiration, try Booster’s Costume Creator, back by popular demand for Halloween 2015. Go back in time as William Shakespeare, Amelia Earhart, or Albert Einstein. While you’re at it, why not teach a quick history lesson in a memorable way?

It’s easy–just click the creator to view all your options, and then have fun learning about an important historical figure as you dress your avatar.

When you settle on a combination that looks just right, pick a message and send your bewitching or dashing e-card to all your friends.


Get Started Here:

  1. Choose an avatar. Will it be Lily or Mel? You decide. Your chosen avatar will appear on the right side.
  2. Pick a background. Our background gallery lets you set the scene in a ghostly castle’s hall, in an Egyptian tomb, or even in outer space. Scroll  through your options to pick a perfect background.
  3. Craft your costume. Whether you dress your character as a sinister vampire or as Cleopatra, you’ll find costume pieces to match. If you like, mix things up and pair Booster’s head with Count Dracula’s cape or a pirate’s legs. You can make your costume as tame or as wild as you like!
  4. Send to friends. Make someone’s day with a little spooky fun. Print and deliver your Halloween greeting in person, or simply send an e-card version to anyone you choose.


Booster’s costume creator: it’s a scream!

It’s officially October, and that means it’s time for putting up spooky decorations, carving pumpkins, and best of all—dressing up in costumes. Deciding on a costume can be downright scary when there are so many options to choose from, so we invite you to try Booster’s Costume Creator.

This interactive site will allow you to try several costumes and see which one works best for you. And because it’s both fun and educational, you can dress up Imagine Learning characters in fun costumes, both hysterical and historical. Learn about Cleopatra, Blackbeard, or Einstein as you craft your creepy creation. Choose a background, pick a message, and then witch your friends a happy Halloween by sending your masterpiece to them as an e-card.

Here’s how Booster’s Costume Creator works:

1. Pick a Person. Always wanted to be a brilliant scientist? Fond of famous pilots? With Booster’s Costume Creator, you have your choice of dressing up as a pirate, a vampire, an emperor, or several other options.

2. Choose a Costume. Want to add Shakespeare’s puffy shirt with Blackbeard’s silly pantaloons? No problem. Using three interchangeable panels, you can easily mix and match your favorite items from each character’s outfit plus a unique background to create a truly spook-tacular costume! You can even click the info buttons to learn about each character—from fearsome Blackbeard the pirate to disappearing pilot Amelia Earhart.

3. Share … and Scare! Now that you’ve picked the perfect costume, it’s time to scare somebody with it. Email an e-card of your boo-tiful character to friends and family, or simply print it off and hang it up somewhere. It’s a scream come true!


Happy Halloweenglish!

There are only a few days left before the big day, and if you’re  like me, you’ve got a weekend full of festivities ahead of you. So before you get tuckered out from all the costumes, candy, and general craziness, we want to wish you a spooktacular, fang-tastic, bard-to-the-bone Halloween.

Why don’t you celebrate with a little candy and your very own e-card created on Booster’s Costume Creator? Or even better, let the kids use up some of their candy-fueled energy by crafting creepy creations with a little help from Booster. Just click the button below to get started. Happy Halloweenglish from all of us at Imagine Learning!