The new kids on the block

As you’re going through lesson plans this summer and prepping for the upcoming school year, you might be surprised to know that some of the most advanced educational tools for developing creativity … are right in your kids’ toy bin. Read more »


Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week—a time in which we can all reflect on those teachers in our lives who made us who we are today. At Imagine Learning, we know that a dedicated teacher can make all the difference in the life of a child. There is perhaps no pursuit more noble in this life.

To kick things off, here’s one of our favorite videos about the teachers who made a difference in our lives. Take a minute to watch the video, and then help us start out our week of appreciation by leaving a comment thanking the teacher who made the greatest impact on your life.

Watch on YouTube.


Who was one of your favorite teachers, and why?