5 ways to fit Common Core into your curriculum

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Adjusting your curriculum to address Common Core standards is not easy. According to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, the Common Core standards are substantially different from previous state standards, not only in curriculum but in the cognitive skills they demand. Common Core focuses on higher order skills, like “understanding and analyzing written material,” rather than “memorization and performing procedures.” To help with these higher order skills, take a look at five ways Imagine Learning can bring the Common Core into your classroom curriculum.

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5 ways to survive standardized tests

It’s standardized test time — do you know where your sanity is?

As a teacher to some of the most tested–and stressed–students in the world, you really start to feel the pressure in March, when students around the country take out their number twos to show administrators what they (and, by extension, you) have been up to all school year.

Instead of sweating it, alleviate your anxiety with 5 test-tempering techniques:



Stress-busting strategies for test season

Sweaty palms? Check. Racing heart? Yep. A bad case of butterflies in the stomach? You bet. It must be test time. Many students struggle with exam anxiety, but those feelings of panic and dread can be even worse for struggling readers and English learners. Here are a few simple strategies you can use to help your students relax and get ready to ace those tests:

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How 10,000 English learners got a chance at a better future

By fourth grade, two-thirds of English learners are reading at below basic levels, which means they’re a lot less likely to graduate from high school, go on to college, or get good jobs. Watch this video to find out what the largest elementary school district in California is doing to make sure 10,000 English learners have an opportunity to succeed.

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5 ways to beat standardized test stress

For teachers and students alike, standardized testing week (or weeks) can be incredibly stressful. And if you work with English learners or struggling students, you know your students can get especially anxious when standardized testing rolls around.

So what can you do to make sure all the hard work your students have put in over the past six months doesn’t go to waste? Here are five tips for helping your students beat testing stress and do their very best on those all-important tests.