Fun Summer Learning Activity: DIY Sundial

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Today is the first day of summer–also known by astronomers, scientists, and mathematicians as the Summer Solstice. The June Solstice takes place each year between June 20th and June 22nd and means that the Earth is farthest from the Sun on that day. This also makes students on summer vacation happy as there are more hours of sunlight to enjoy! Read more »


Math Fluency Can Save Your Marriage

Yes, this is a tongue-in-cheek post, but considering how our Big Brainz team members spend their lives trying to help folks master their core math facts, we thought this would be a wonderful story to share about how math fluency just might save your relationship.

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James Clerk Maxwell and his wife Katherine–together, a math-fluent pair!


Read the article here: Math Fluency Can Save Your Marriage



Ice Cream in Winter? There’s Snow Time Like the Present

Imagine Learning mug filled with snowDid you ever make snow ice cream as a kid?


Well, there’s no time like the present—at least here in the Rockies, where it’s slated to snow all Christmas week.

Those dealing with more moderate weather can stop reading now and grab a bowl of ‘ordinary’ vanilla ice cream.

But if you want an extraordinary frozen treat, grab a bowl and get your coat. One serving of magical vanilla snow ice cream is coming right up! Read more »


Wrapping up the school year

Summer is almost here, and we hope you have had a happy and successful school year. As a token of our appreciation for a great partnership this year, please use this fun, customizable video to celebrate all you have accomplished this year.

Fill out your class name below to create a custom video featuring the Imagine Learning characters singing just for you. Then, share your video with your friends. You can even print out a summer souvenir for the whole class as the perfect year-end gift.

Have a great summer!
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5 simple teacher appreciation ideas for kids

My mom is one of those amazing people who have chosen to be a middle school math and science teacher. After teaching for the last 22 years, she is retiring at the end of May. I may be biased, but she is truly a remarkable teacher. She works long hours, voluntarily tutors students before and after school, and insists on testing with explanation-type questions as opposed to multiple choice questions because she feels it is a better way to assess student understanding. This means she frequently brings home large stacks of papers to correct.

I have seen how she worries about certain students and continually seeks to find new and better teaching methods. She tirelessly reaches out to parents and does an excellent job at communicating with them. And she even remains calm when working with the frazzled and sometimes mean you-must-be-doing-something-wrong-because-my-child-is-failing-math parents. She amazes me! Perhaps because I grew up observing what it takes to be a fantastic teacher, I have made a consistent effort to show gratitude and appreciation to the teachers of my own children throughout each school year. Read more »