Taking Flight: An Educator’s Holiday Wish

The holiday season is a busy time for educators. One day it could be an intense new project for the first-graders; the next day it might be a food drive that involves the entire school.

During times like these, exhaustion hits hard–and the holiday break can’t come soon enough.

But every now and then, a word of encouragement to a struggling student can make all the difference. Who knows–that extra boost might just help a struggling student triumph over a hard math problem. Or help a shy student speak up in class. Or help an English language learner read at grade level for the first time.

To all who work so hard to nurture the minds and hearts of kids, please enjoy the video below–and happy holidays!


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Imagine Learning employees endeavor to do just that by giving back and recognizing educators, soldiers, and others who bless the lives of those around them.

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