Imagine Learning, math facts, Big Brainz, multiplication, times tables, solve problem, students, teachers, times tablesSix in every ten Americans report having difficulty solving some type of math, and 30 percent of Americans say they would rather clean the bathroom than solve a math problem.

Yet 93 percent of Americans say that developing good math skills is crucial to having a successful life.

So why would anyone dislike something that brings success?

Most Americans develop their attitudes about math from others. For example, if parents don’t enjoy math, they may pass that attitude forward to children.

Perhaps parents or teachers nag too much. “Memorize your times tables!” they might say, “Work harder!”

Or, perhaps nagging isn’t to blame. Maybe students feel inadequate during math class because they’re just missing out on some key fundamentals.

Whatever the reasons, no one can really deny the importance of mathematics. Math is important in everyday life!

Time for Times Tables

Times tables are–wait for it–as ‘timeless’ as childhood itself. Kidding aside, those basic calculations within times tables are critical to understanding math.

Similarly, such fundamentals build an important foundation for learning long multiplication, division, algebra, and even fractions. For those who haven’t gained automaticity in times tables, it’s difficult to move on to higher levels of mathematical thinking.

learning times tables

Multiplication is a key skill we use every day–to double recipes, to compare and/or tally prices at the grocery store, to track the family budget, and to calculate tipping costs at a restaurant.

Sure, one can use a calculator for these daily tasks, but that’s a nuisance. More importantly, it’s easy to become so dependent on a calculator that critical skills are lost.

Math Fluency Matters

Simply put, core math skills matter. Multiplication and general math fluency matters.

If children can more easily memorize math fundamentals, they can continue forward with confidence. No more hating math.

Imagine Math Facts (formerly Big Brainz) was created as a fun, yet effective way to automatize math fundamentals like multiplication. After all, when kids have fun with math, they are also more confident learners.

Confidence in math also means kids are better prepared for future careers. Maybe they’ll even have a hand in inventing their career. They might be okay cleaning the bathroom, too–but they won’t do it to avoid math!


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