It’s easy to recognize Imagine Learning’s most famous robot, Booster. He smiles and waves each time an Imagine Learning user logs on. And of course, he loves to give out lots of Booster Bits to his friends!

Booster robot, Imagine Learning

Although Booster is usually content to spend time in Imagine Learning activities, for Valentine’s Day he wants to travel to as many places as he can. And you can help him by following the instructions on this page.


Enter Imagine Learning’s #WheresBooster Contest

In past blog posts, we taught you how to draw Booster and use Booster’s Valentine Creator to send a fun greeting to friends and family.

But this Valentine’s Day, we’re trying something a little bit different with our first #WheresBooster contest on Instagram, open to both students and teachers.

#WheresBooster Prizes

#WheresBooster Prizes


If your #WheresBooster photo wins, you’ll receive one of these prizes:

  • First-place: An Amanda Panda bobblehead figure
  • Second-place: An Imagine Learning mini lunchbox
  • Third-place: An Imagine Island poster

The winning teacher will receive an Imagine Learning water bottle (for extra hydration and energy).




Here’s how to enter:

  1. Join Instagram; then, follow us: @imaginelearning. You can also search for the hashtag #WheresBooster to see where Booster’s been lately.
  2. After following us @imaginelearning, you’re ready to print out the Booster printable (just click the picture on the right).
  3. Follow the instructions on the printable (some of the steps appear below).
  4. Once Booster is ready for a photo shoot, take a few photos and choose your favorite to post on Instagram.
  5. Post your favorite #WheresBooster photo on Instagram. Include a caption with your first name and last initial, plus the hashtag #WheresBooster and the tag @imaginelearning.




  • free Booster printable for Instagram #WheresBooster contest and Valentine's Day

    1. Color and cut out Booster

  • Booster robot, Imagine Learning, paste on cardboard backing

    2. Paste Booster to cardboard if desired



NOTE: Only one photo per contestant, please. Teachers may post one #WheresBooster photo as their own entry and one photo for each student. Each submitted photo must follow caption instructions described in numbers 4 and 5, above.

All entries must be posted on Instagram no later than February 14, 2016—Valentine’s Day.

On Tuesday, February 16th, Imagine Learning will announce winners on Instagram and feature winning photos on our blog.

We can’t wait to see your #WheresBooster photos!