Join our Product Innovation Council for three invigorating days of creativity and collaboration while putting your fingerprints on the future of educational technology.

Our vision at Imagine Learning is to empower children through education. We’re convinced that literacy and language development are crucial for children to succeed in life. That’s why we’re always exploring ways to improve how we deliver it. We want you to help us shape the future of education.

Next month, we are going to invite a small group of educators, innovators, and change-makers to dissect the latest trends in education and examine  new possibilities. At our headquarters in Provo, Utah, we’ll give this Product Innovation Council an inside look at how Imagine Learning is utilizing technology to develop the next generation of digital learning.

But more importantly, we will draw upon the wisdom and creativity of the council as we envision the educational tools of tomorrow. The ideas generated during these few days will manifest themselves in real-world solutions for teachers and students.

Sound like something you would like to be a part of?

Click on one of the links below to be considered for the council. All expenses incurred will be covered by Imagine Learning.


Workshop 1: Jun 17-19

This first workshop is for current Imagine Learning customers. Bringing to the table some previous experience with Imagine Learning will help them more specifically target areas of focus, and our shared lexicon will deepen the discussions and brainstorming we’ll engage in.

Workshop 2: Jun 19-21

This workshop is intended for those who know very little about Imagine Learning. A non-biased perspective on educational technology and approaches to helping students learn excites us, and we can’t wait to brainstorm way outside the box with this group.


We’re hoping to get a diverse group including teachers, principals, and district administrators.

Questions? Send an email to:

Hope to see you next month!