Join us for a free webinar on Thursday, April 18 with special guest Sonia Nazario, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist, who points out that one in four children in public schools across the United States are now immigrants or the child of an immigrant, and discusses the tremendous traumas many of these children face even before landing in American classrooms. Her passion for this subject is evident in the article she wrote that appears in the New York Times this week about migrant children in America’s judicial system.

A modern-day odyssey. Nearly all immigrant children have been separated from a parent in the process of coming to the U.S. The conditions that pushed them out of their home countries, and the modern-day odyssey many of these children go on to reach the United States, are just a few of the difficulties they encounter once they settle into the United States. Many of these students also face enormous conflicts with parents who have become strangers to them.

Enrique’s journey of determination. In this webinar, Nazario will show how critical it is to understand and address these traumas if immigrant children are to learn. She’ll also share the story of one boy, Enrique, whose mother leaves him in Honduras when he is just 5 years old to go work in the U.S. After not seeing his mother for 11 years, Enrique braves unimaginable hardship and sets off on his own to find her. Enrique’s Journey is a timeless story of families torn apart and yearning to be together again, of determination, and of what so many students have gone through.

Session highlights:
• What traumas immigrant children bring to the classroom
• How to address and understand these traumas
• Enrique’s incredible story
• Nazario’s personal experience in Latin America
• What can be done to help immigrant children learn

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Read Sonia’s New York Times article.