Over the first 12 days of December, we’re going to give you 12 reasons why Imagine Learning version 12 is such a groundbreaking release. And—as this next reason proves—we’ll show you how it’s the perfect way to extend the learning beyond the classroom. 

Reason #3: Play@Home capability

With Imagine Learning Play@Home:

Students can experience Imagine Learning outside of school by logging in to a computer connected to the Internet.

Each student’s unique placement and progress within the curriculum is retained, meaning Imagine Learning’s sophisticated sequencer gives students exactly what they need to learn, exactly when they need it.

v12 also helps you maximize your investment:

Plenty of computer time. Play@Home helps you get the most out of Imagine Learning.

Homework assignments. Have students work on Imagine Learning during the week.

Weekend play. Students can get ahead at home over the weekend.


Day 4: Predictive Checkpoints