Teaching can be a labor of love. It’s challenging, time-consuming, and frustrating. But it’s also one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. Yet, it requires a tremendous amount of time, both in and outside of the classroom. Which means that your personal time … can sometimes get skipped over. But don’t worry—we’ve listed a few simple tips to help you lower the stress and increase the fun.


Do things that benefit others. Being useful to others can build self-esteem.

Practice self-discipline. This can provide much-needed hope. Skip that afternoon snack and realize that self-control is actually in your control.

Discover new things. Some call this “intellectual candy.” Read a new book, try out a new restaurant, mix up your commute and drive a new way home.

Enjoy the beauty in nature. It’s amazing how stepping outside for a quick stroll through your neighborhood after work can give you an instant lift.

Manage your stress levels. Keep it under control. Obviously not all stressors can be avoided, but utilizing stress management strategies can keep them to a minimum.

Don’t worry. Negative thoughts can use up a lot of energy. Be happy and don’t worry if the glass is half-empty or half-full—just be glad there’s something in it.