Grants are great–especially in today’s economy.

Don’t get me wrong–I like bake sales too. I love a good bundt cake as much as the next parent.

But how many bundt cakes, muffins, cookies and streusels would it take to raise $1,000? Or $5,000? Or $20,000?

That’s why grants are lifesavers for many schools and districts. Grants for those amounts are very possible.

But to be awarded those dollars, grant writers need to know two things:

1)  How to write convincing applications

2) Which foundations to approach

The great news is there’s a resource that helps with both. It’s the One Minute Funding newsletter from Imagine Learning–and it’s free!

You can subscribe at no charge by clicking here.

Each month, One Minute Funding shows  you how to write grant applications that get those who do the funding to sit up and take notice. Readers have recently learned these tricks of the trade:

  • How to convince the reader you’re dead-serious about getting results
  • The bone-headed blunder that sinks worthy applications
  • How to doubt your way to success
  • The easy way to “mind-read” a foundation and learn how much they’ll fund

You’ll also receive contact information for three foundations that are currently funding education projects. I’ve researched these opportunities personally. Foundation’s priorities can change quickly and I make sure you have up-to-date information.

Plus, you’ll receive the latest funding news from Washington so you can make the wisest budgeting decisions possible.

All this is available with your free subscription to One Minute Funding.

Grants are more crucial than ever. They can mean the difference between keeping or losing that program you care about. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up. Subscribe here.


Dave Markov
Grants and Funding Specialist for Imagine Learning