Throughout this past school year, you’ve been working hard with your students to help them identify what their dreams are—and how they can achieve them. Now it’s time to take a step back and focus on yourself with this fun, inspiring assignment.

The task is simple: put together a dream board of things you wish you had done. Not things you have done—but activities/hobbies/interests that you absolutely love or want to learn about. To start, select three interests and look for similarities. Look for the thread that weaves the “beads into a necklace.” For example, artistic might be a common element in each of the activities. This is basically the style of activity you like to do.

Finding these connections can give you a “North Star,” something to focus on. It can also help you recognize and articulate the kinds of activities you like to do, as well as see opportunities to discover new interests. One way to keep these ideas and inspirational items top-of-mind is to build a Pinterest board (or something similar). It’s a great way to help visualize your dreams.

Remember: your time spent outside of the classroom can be just as important as your time spent in it. After all, wouldn’t it be nice if one day—perhaps in the not-too-distant future—your dream board was made up entirely of things you’ve already done?