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Previously on our blog we featured a post about how to draw Booster, the friendly robot from the Imagine Learning software.

Letizia Branz, a teacher at Westridge Middle School in Orlando, Florida, used that blog post to create a fun lesson plan for her students. However, she added a twist.

“The assignment was for students to think of themselves as the animators of Booster,” she said. “They were to decide a color scheme for him as well as decide if there was something about him that they would change.”

As you can see from this picture, Ms. Branz’s students have vivid imaginations! We at Imagine Learning were tickled at the different robotic variations they came up with.

“Most of the students changed Booster’s colors to the colors they preferred,” said Ms. Branz. “Some of them created female Boosters and gave him a new name. Others decided that what they would change about him would be his role in Imagine Learning—most said they would make him come out to congratulate students when they did something right and not something wrong! Others wanted to change parts of his body like his feet or eyes.”

We all know that kids love to use their imaginations, and letting them be creative in the classroom is a surefire way to get them engaged. What are some things you do to get your students thinking creatively?