Giving someone the perfect gift is always the highlight of my holiday season. But sometimes my work to-do, home to-do, and holiday to-do lists get a little too long, and I’m left scrambling not for the perfect gift, but for any gift to give to a beloved coworker, friend, or neighbor.

So just in case you’re like me and sometimes need a last-minute, super simple gift that still shows how much you care, here’s a list of seven easy gift ideas for your favorite coworkers, room moms, and neighbors:

  1. Root beer: Grab a 2-liter bottle or 6-pack of your favorite root beer, add a bow, and top it off with a note that says “I’m rooting for you to have a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year!”
  2. Wire whisk: Purchase a large wire whisk and fill it with Hershey’s kisses. Then add a festive bow and a card that reads “We whisk you a Merry Kissmas!”
  3. Sparkling cider: Purchase a multi-pack of the small sparking apple cider bottles at your nearby wholesale retailer (Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.). Then tie a bow on each bottle and add a label that says “Wishing you a sparkling holiday season!”
  4. Salsa: Everyone has a favorite salsa. Purchase a few jars of your top pick, then tie on a red or gold ribbon and write a little note that says “Add a little spice to your holidays!”
  5. Jam: Buy a few extra jars of your favorite jam, add some holiday sparkle, and hand them out to coworkers or friends with a tag that says “Hoping your holiday is jam-packed with fun!”
  6. Light bulbs: How many times have you come home with a huge haul from the grocery store, only to find that you’re out of light bulbs? Help your friends and neighbors stock up with this fun gift: purchase a 4- or 6-pack of 100-watt blubs, then wrap it up with note that says “Wishing you a bright and radiant holiday season!”
  7. Cookie dough: If you’re feeling ambitious, whip up a batch of cookie dough and package it in a festive Tupperware. If you’re feeling less ambitious, purchase some pre-made cookie dough at the store. Then add a tag that says “Everyone needs a little extra dough for the holidays!”

What are you doing to show your appreciation to friends, coworkers, or helpful parents this year? Share your ideas in a comment!