Have you ever received an email about a great webinar but didn’t have the time to attend? In the midst of busy work schedules, it’s often hard to find time for professional development — even when you know you’ll gain useful insights from top-notch experts.

That’s what makes our on-demand access to free Ahead of the Class webinars such a lifesaver: the presentations are available for you to view whenever it’s most convenient! So take a first look or revisit six of our favorite webinars from the Ahead of the Class series:

1) Dual Language Education: Designing and Implementing Effective Programs

Executive Director for Dual Language Education of New Mexico David Rogers answers your most pressing questions concerning successful dual language education programs. You’ll learn essential strategies for creating and implementing a dual language education program, like identifying key criteria and objectives, applying proven best practices in both 50/50 and 90/10 programs, and ensuring success for students, educators, and parents.

2) A Quality Education for All: Your Guide to Achieving Educational Equity
Become an educational equity guru with help from Charlene Lui, director of educational equity for Utah’s most diverse school district. You’ll learn equity audit strategies that can help teachers and administrators provide equal educational opportunities and create a climate that fosters high academic achievement for all students. You’ll also learn about eliminating educational barriers based on gender, race, national origin, color, disability, age, or other protected group status. And you’ll leave with ideas for implementing proven strategies for ensuring that underrepresented populations meet the same rigorous standards for academic performance expected of all students.

3) Six Strategies to Help You Find More Funding
Grants and funding specialist Dave Markov shares six strategies to help you secure additional funding dollars for your school or district:

  • Gearing up for your funding hunt
  • Writing successful grant applications
  • Accessing free and low-cost resources to boost grants and donations
  • Increasing community donations
  • Maximizing existing district resources
  • Optimizing a neglected district resource to bring in extra dollars

4) Diversity or Disability? Finding the Right Intervention for Your English Learners

Experienced dual-language educator Mia Allen shares strategies for addressing language diversity and learning disability issues. You’ll learn about the challenges of correctly identifying learning disabilities in English learners, as well as literacy-based RTI strategies you can implement with your students to better meet their needs.

5) The Art of RTI: Discover How Principals Make It Work

Presenter Clydie Wakefield shares insights from principals who are using RTI to accelerate student progress and close the achievement gap. You’ll learn how to identify resources, develop tools, and overcome obstacles as you implement an RTI program that will work for your students, teachers, and administrators.

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6) Turning the Tide: Strategies for Closing the English Learner Achievement Gap

Recent findings from the National Center for Education Statistics show that despite numerous policies and programs designed to help English learners catch up with their native-speaking peers, the English learner achievement gap has continued to grow over the last ten years.

Join us as former superintendent Marc Liebman and dual language educator Mia Allen share essential strategies for keeping English learners motivated in the classroom, as well as valuable insights into the issues and roadblocks that can prevent this growing student population from finding success. You’ll learn how to implement technology-based approaches that are proven to help English learners overcome obstacles and succeed in school. You’ll also leave with strategies you can implement right away to start narrowing the achievement gap for your English learners.