It’s eleven days ’til winter break, and we’ve got another great gift in store for you, dear readers: it’s a list of 11 can’t-miss blog posts from 2011. So whenever you need a break from the breakneck pace of these next few weeks, put yourself in time out and take a moment to savor one of our most popular posts of 2011:

  1. How to write a limerick
  2. 10 reasons we need social media in schools
  3. A simple trick for accelerating language acquisition
  4. Creating homework assignments that make the grade
  5. Reading for a purpose: Free activity sheets
  6. 5 ways to beat standardized test stress
  7. New ways to keep your English learners motivated
  8. It pays to praise: the benefits of classroom compliments
  9. Could this simple strategy help you boost reading and math scores?
  10. School name-calling: 15 tips for eliminating bullying
  11. The iPad: Your secret weapon for helping struggling readers

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