At Imagine Learning, we have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Most of all, we’re thankful for the wonderful educators who help us achieve our mission by opening doors of opportunity for students all over the world. We’re also thankful for a great place to work filled with the kind of coworkers you actually like to spend time with.

To show our appreciation for all of the wonderful blessings in our lives, we want to share a special treat with you: a little Thanksgiving recipe we concocted for Carter’s birthday celebration last week. It’s the ultimate holiday beverage. That’s right–it’s a pumpkin pie shake, and it’s easy as pie to make. Here’s how:

1. First, gather all your ingredients: vanilla ice cream, pumpkin pie, and egg nog. You’ll probably have everything you need left over from Thanksgiving dinner. Then get your hands on some sort of blending apparatus. A regular blender is great, but an immersion blender or even a Magic Bullet are just fine too.

blending apparatus

2. Scoop about 1.5 cups of vanilla ice cream into the blender. Don’t skimp on the ice cream–this is the very core of the pie shake’s deliciousness.

Don't skimp on the ice cream. Trust me.

3. Next, cut yourself a nice-sized slice of pumpkin pie. Toss that into the blender with the ice cream, mashing everything together if you’re running out of space. Don’t worry about the pie crust–it adds a critical dimension to the pie shake’s many layers of flavor.

Mmm. Pie.


4. Pour about 1/2 c. of egg nog right into the blender. If you like your shakes runny, use the full 1/2 cup. If you prefer a thicker shake, hold back a little. The egg nog is the secret weapon that takes this shake’s deliciousness to a whole new level.

Personally, I like to go whole hog on the nog.

5. Give your concoction a whirl until it’s nice and smooth. Pour into the drinking vessel of your choice, and kick back with your frosty, frothy beverage.

Frosty, frothy deliciousness

Ah, Thanksgiving leftovers. Always a favorite. Do you have any great leftover recipes? Share them in a comment below.