Ahh, Halloween. The one time each year when dressing up is not only permitted—but encouraged. Here at Imagine Learning, we’re just about ready for the big day. Like most of you, we’ve got the pumpkins all carved out and the decorations hung up on the walls. But we’re still missing the most important part: the right costume. So we’ve teamed up with Booster and put together a fun, interactive costume creator to help you create a truly fang-tastic costume. And we want you to try it out. Click here to get started.



Here’s how Booster’s Costume Creator works:

1. Pick a Person. Always wanted to be a brilliant scientist? Fond of famous pilots? With Booster’s Costume Creator, you have your choice of dressing up as a pirate, a vampire, an emperor, or several other options.

2. Choose a Costume. Want to add Shakespeare’s puffy shirt with Blackbeard’s silly pantaloons? No problem. Using three interchangeable panels, you can easily mix and match your favorite items from each character’s outfit plus a unique background to create a truly spook-tacular costume! You can even click the info buttons to learn about each character—from fearsome Blackbeard the pirate to disappearing pilot Amelia Earhart.

3. Share … and Scare! Now that you’ve picked the perfect costume, it’s time to scare somebody with it. Email an e-card of your colorful character to friends and family, or simply print it off and hang it up somewhere. It’s a scream come true!


Happy Halloween from Imagine Learning!