At-risk students in Colorado are making amazing strides with help from Imagine Learning Academy, Imagine Learning’s afterschool supplemental educational services (SES) program. A recent study of Colorado SES programs shows that Imagine Learning Academy students make bigger gains in reading than students in any other software-based SES program. So what’s the secret to their success?

With individualized instruction from an award-winning software program and one-on-one attention from trained tutors, Imagine Learning Academy offers the perfect blend of independent learning opportunities and tutor-guided instruction. Students develop essential reading skills by working at their own pace on the computer. Then trained tutors provide guidance as students complete follow-up activities and assignments.

This balance of engaging computerized instruction and one-on-one attention from tutors is what helped more than a third of at-risk students boost their reading scores on the Colorado Student Assessment Program test. “When I look at the reports, I can see the students are at a variety of levels and continue to move forward from where they’ve started,” said Principal Orieta at Godsman Elementary in Denver. “I’ve seen a lot of increase, especially in the last report I just received.”

The great news is that Imagine Learning Academy students aren’t just improving their reading. Many are also benefitting from being involved in a program that keeps them engaged and learning during afterschool hours, when parents are still at work and many students would otherwise be home alone. “We’re offering them activities at school that will keep them productive and keep them out of trouble,” said Principal Hurrieta.

Watch this video to find out how Imagine Learning Academy works. Then contact us to learn how you can bring the power of Imagine Learning English to students at your school. To find out if students in your school can benefit from Imagine Learning Academy, check with your district SES coordinator.