You might have noticed lately that things have slowed down a bit on our blog, but it’s not without reason. We’ve just all been busy preparing for our seventh annual Vision Conference, a company-wide, week-long event where we discuss company goals, train and seek professional development, and increase motivation. Oh, and not to mention service projects, team building, and a lot of fun, too. Since Imagine Learning has employees scattered across the country, Vision Conference is our opportunity to gather everyone together and focus on how we can be better in our shared goal of teaching English to the children of the world.

We’ve been busy preparing for the conference next week, and this year’s Vision Conference promises to be as motivational and training-filled as those of years past. We’re excited about our service opportunities, too; part of our preparation has been gathering children’s books to donate to one of the organizations we’ll be helping. We’re all excited for next week and the training, development, service, and good times.

If you’d like more of a taste of what we do at Vision Conference, check out some pictures from previous years. (Click a thumbnail to see an image in a larger size.) And watch for an update after the conference, too!