Have you met all of the characters from Imagine Learning English? Many of you may be familiar with Pete, Amanda, Chloe, and Mic –the characters who live on Imagine Island and help your students learn the basics of literacy.

However, as students master those skills and move on to more advanced instruction, they are introduced to Alex, Nick, Lily and Mel — characters who help students learn more academic vocabulary and master important reading comprehension strategies like answering main idea and inferential questions.

These cool kids hang out at the Imagine Museum, just a stone’s throw from the coast of Imagine Island, and they are joined by Booster, a flying robot who gives students feedback when they need a little extra help. Each character has a specialty. For example, Alex focuses on reading and comprehension; Mel helps with vocabulary.

Check out the video below to see the kids (and robot!) who are helping your students master language and literacy:

YouTube Preview Image