Last week we hosted a St. Patrick’s Day limerick contest. To help aspiring poets, we shared a fun song explaining the rules for writing a limerick. And we received many responses–thank you!

Our judges were very impressed with the quality of the limericks. We were also impressed with how clever some of our writers were in sneaking in references to Imagine Learning English!

It was a difficult decision, but we’re happy to announce that Matthew Christensen is our winner! Matthew will receive a $20 Target gift card for his limerick. We’re also awarding special prizes to a few third-grade students who entered the contest. Ms. Jones’s third-grade class at Dee Elementary School in Ogden, Utah, submitted three fantastic limericks. For their impressive efforts, we will be sending them an Imagine Learning classroom kit filled with posters, stickers, tatoos, window clings, and more.

Here again is Matthew’s award-winning entry:

Oh yes, today is the day
when Leprechauns come out and play,
They might do a trick
It could be you they pick
To you and your friends they may say:

“Ay, Imagine Learning is fun!
We sure do like it a ton!
but come follow me
we will flee with glee
To the end of the rainbow we’ll run!”

All of our friends were there!
Like Pete and Amanda the bear
We’ll share all the gold
Stories will be told
Laughter will be heard everywhere!

But Imagine Island we missed,
We had words to learn, a whole list!
Put our gold in a sack
magic sent us back
But then we all raised our fists!

Let me describe the scene
Those leprechauns, they’re so mean
We found rocks in our sack
They took all the gold back
And I got pinched cause they changed all my green!

Congratulations, Matthew! And thank you, everyone, for the great limericks!