This week we have brought you daily updates from the National Title I Conference in Tampa, Florida. Here is the entry for day three, Wednesday, February 2. Read the recap of day one here and day two here.

Heading Home

It has been a long but enjoyable few days here in Tampa. Many attendees have been here since Saturday, so the idea of heading home—even if it means heading home to cold, snowy weather—is a good one. There’s nothing better than sleeping in your own bed after days away! The conference overall was a bit more lax and low-key as attendees started winding down for the end of the conference tomorrow.

Biggest Takeaways

I enjoyed asking several attendees what their biggest takeaways from the conference have been. Many commented on the motivational speakers and learning about the strategies. “That’s the meat and potatoes I was looking for,” said one attendee as we enjoyed breakfast together – funny how we somehow managed to run into one another two of the three mornings I was there. Even in a crowded group, you can always find a friend—I love that!

Other attendees stated that their biggest takeaway was reaffirming the fact that being a teacher is an important role and that it’s all about the students. I would definitely agree. It all comes back to the students; that is why we are here. That is why we teach – we do what we do because of the students.

It’s All about the Students

That really hit home for me yesterday during a site visit at Skycrest Elementary in Clearwater, Florida. I was privileged to see several of the students using Imagine Learning English, and I observed them benefiting not only from what they learn on the program but also from what they learn from their loving teachers. That was definitely my biggest takeaway as well—it’s all about the students!

– Emily Bybee is an area partnership manager for Imagine Learning