Educators share many common traits: creativity, commitment, a love for society and children.

However, one trait is seldom mentioned but very deserving of recognition: making the most of available resources.

In many classrooms you’ll find examples of teachers using available resources to enhance their teaching. For example, you might find

  • common household items used for memorable lessons,
  • old magazines sliced and diced for classroom bulletin boards, or
  • school supplies purchased by generous educators reaching into their own wallets.

If educators are forced to creatively stretch their budgets when the economy is strong, what are they to do when the economy weakens? In times like these, educators will want to add one powerful tool to their toolbox: additional funds in the form of grants.

Some of you are very experienced when it comes to grants—you may even have already applied for competitive grants sponsored by government agencies or private foundations.  Some of you may be new to the process entirely.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, Imagine Learning wants to help you find more funds for your classroom or school. To do that, we are launching the One-Minute Funding newsletter. The newsletter, available at no charge and sent monthly via email, is sent to those who sign up here.

One-Minute Funding is a concise, fast read (we know how busy you are) filled with the information you need to find more funding to help more children. With One-Minute Funding, you’ll receive the following delivered right to your inbox each month:

  • Grants and funding news that affects your budget. With this information, you’ll be aware of education dollars already in the pipeline so you can plan accordingly. (And a few stories may even motivate you to write your congressman or congresswoman!)
  • Available government and foundation grants you can apply for now.
  • Grant-writing tips to increase your success in getting funded. These tips will benefit you whether you are a grant writer or an administrator who reviews written grants.

We invite you to sign up right now for the One-Minute Funding newsletter. Your students (and your budget) will thank you.

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