top blog posts of the yearWinter break—it’s finally here. Eager students (and teachers) can enjoy a break from school to rest, rejuvenate, and prepare for the New Year.

Now that school is closed in many districts, you teachers might find yourselves with some extra time on hand. Want to not only enjoy your holiday but also stay sharp with classroom ideas? How about taking a break from holiday festivities to catch up on some of our best blog posts from this past year?

Here’s a list of our 10 most popular blog posts, as well as a list of our 5 most commented posts.

So now that you have some extra time on hand, catch up on the classroom tips and research you didn’t get to while you were busy teaching. And happy holidays from Imagine Learning! 

Top 10 blog posts

  1. 10 ways to bolster your struggling readers’ self-esteem
  2. New vocabulary approach helps young English learners race ahead
  3. Seven ways to make reading exciting
  4. A game-changing teaching technique you might not be using
  5. Reading success starts at home
  6. Five strategies for motivating your struggling reader
  7. Why talking in class could help your English learners make even bigger gains
  8. Thirty-one book recommendations for Read-A-New-Book Month
  9. Are you breaking cultural barriers in your classroom?
  10. Tips for making your classroom a stress-free learning zone

Top 5 most commented posts

  1. The e-book debate
  2. Three back-to-school ideas for pre-K English learners
  3. Waiting for Superman: Worth the wait?
  4. How to bully-proof your struggling students
  5. National Novel Writing Month: Creative writing exercises for students